Born and grown up on a small, secluded farm in the black forest, Theresa Dold´s wild childhood and artistic family background was the fertile hotbed for her musical talent. She began writing songs in the age of ten, when her mother showed her the first chords on the guitar.
Her love for singing outside, with the echo of the surrounding mountains, shaped her powerful and strongly emotional voice and also inflames her natural, creative expression. 


2005 Theresa Dold moved to Hamburg for studying music in the pulsating harbor city and music metropole. This step had a deep impact on her life, artistic progress and music. That can be heard on Theresa Dold´s Debut album "Irgendwo Dazwischen (Somewhere inbetween)", published successfully 2008.


Her deep rooted passion for being in the nature, her love for travelling, but also her heavy homesickness, motivated her to different journeys and long distance trips, for example crossing the whole of Germany (2009) and Switzerland Alps (2010) by foot, with a 17kg-heavy backpack, a tent and a guitalele on her back. Theresa Dold´s second album, the audiobook "Unterwegs daheim" (2011) and also the Soundtrack (2012), reflect the deep impressions of this inspiring journey.

Theresa Dold´s third and currend album "Strandgut - Zwischen Ebbe & Flut" (engl. "Flotsam - Between Ebb And Flow") was recorded in the "Inselstudios" Hamburg, together with one of Hamburgs most renowned guitarist and producer Uli Kringler. The album pictures her emotional, varied “northern decade”,  with all it´s ebbs and flows in between.


Theresa Dold´s melodious, soulfull and multifaceted music ranges somewhere between guitar-based Folk and groove-oriented Soul-Pop. In small “life mosaics”, Theresa sketches impressive pictures of wild landscapes and adventurous road trips, but also the microcosm of everyday life and casual meetings, sang with an unmistakable sparkling voice that let the skin crawl.